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Here's my new page of Java games for mobile phones! If you're wondering what all this is about, well the new generation of mobile phones are capable of downloading and installing new Java software from the web. Most of these Java apps will be well under 30K total, including graphics and any other media.

Update 11/02/03 - I've changed the game URLs around as so many people have been downloading the wrong versions for their phones (then emailing me to ask why they don't work ;-). I have a new server-side script that will decide which version to send based upon the phone requesting the game! If you're linking directly to my games from your site, you will have to change to point to the getgame.php script as quickly as possible since that will be the only way to access the games in the VERY near future!

Screen shot of Clix game on colour phone!

Clix for mobile phones!


Well my first game for mobile phones had to be Clix - it just seems like the ideal game to while away a long train journey or a few minutes during a meeting ;-) This game will work on any java-capable mobile phone from a full colour large display, like that shown to the left, down through greyscale to the smallest monochrome (black and white) phones. It's pretty tight, only about 19K total, so shouldn't take long to download on even the slowest connection!

In use, the game actually looks much better than this animated gif can show. Although the mobile phones have extremely slow processors compared with PCs, they can manage simple animation pretty well, so I threw a bit into Clix - it's actually better than the web version, as the web version was designed for the lowest common denominator.

The game will store the top 5 scores in its long-term memory to maintain a local high score chart, but better still, it can synchronize with the master online list whenever the player feels like it! The online list is shared between all Clix players, so if a player's really good (or lucky) his/her name and score will be on phones around the globe!

Update (11/01/03) game altered to work better on big screen phones (sort of 3D shading to tiles for colour, bigger images for monochrome).

Screen shot of P-man game on colour phone!

P-man for mobile phones!


...And here is my second game! It's a version of a well known maze chaser - in fact it plays almost identically! For anyone whose lived under a rock for the past 20 years, the object is to clear the screens of white dots. You can also eat the yellow dots which allow your character to eat the ghosts for a short period of time. Once eaten, the ghosts retreat back to their refuge in the centre of the maze! You gain more points by eating several ghosts in succession after taking a single yellow dot. You can also gain points by eating the bonus items that appear occasionally near the centre of the maze!

There is nothing random about the ghost movement in this game, so you really can improve with practice - learn the best routes to become a P-man master! With each clearance the ghosts (and sometimes your character) will speed up, making things more tricky!

I've managed to get this game down to around 15K including all graphics and code so it should download quickly even at 9600bps! It works with any black and white, greyscale or colour phone or mobile device that can run java. People with bigger screens will have a slight advantage, since there will be less scrolling making it easier to keep an eye on the ghosts, but it's playable even on a little 88x55 pixel display!

Update (10/01/03): I've just created an enhanced version of this game for Nokia 7650 phones which features improved graphics, sound and more levels of difficulty. Screenshots here. The standard versions are also updated, with the maze changing colour per level, and bonus life earned at 20,000 points!

Screen shot of Blok Down game on Nokia 6310i phone!

Blok Down for Nokia/Siemens mobile phones!


Unlike the 2 above, this game has been designed for the Nokia 3410, 3510i and 6310i phones, and Siemens M50, C55 and S55 phones only. It's a very addictive puzzle game, in which you must clear the levels before the time runs out. You drag blocks around using the cursor, to line 2 or more of the same type up, which then explode. When all blocks are gone, the level is cleared! Sounds easy? :-) Well some of the puzzles are pretty fiendish, and most levels have moving elevators that must be used to reach the goal!

Use the keys 2,4,6 and 8 to move, and 5 to select/unselect block/start. Press the star key to see options at any time.

This version of the game has 43 levels of increasingly challenging play. It allows players to synchronise their high score list with other players on the internet, much like Clix (above) to add that extra competitive edge! Currently this game is around 25K in size - it uses color graphics for the Nokia 3510i and Siemens S55 phones.

Screen shot of Froghop game on Nokia 7210 phone!

Froghop for mobile phones!


Now this one was a challenge ;-) I really enjoy playing this on my phone, it runs about the same speed as the arcade machine it's based upon with virtually any phone, and includes all the same elements, scaled down to fit on the screen of most largish screen phones. It degrades nicely for single colour and/or small displays, by scrolling the playfield around during the game. The Nokia and Siemens versions include a sound option (which could possibly lead to players being beaten to death by fellow commuters on the train ;-) This game also has a high-score chart that can be synchronised with the master server online, so you can compete against other players!

If you've never played Frog***, then the idea is to hop about with your frog to reach the safety of the opposite bank. Once you've filled all the vacant slots in the bank, the game feeds in more traffic, changes the water hazards and generally makes life more difficult! You need to avoid the traffic, the snakes, crocodile jaws and falling off the logs and diving-turtles into the water (why a frog would die from falling into a river is anyone's guess, but still). You can earn big bonuses by eating the fly that appears in the bank, escorting the lady frog home (jump on her, then hop to safety with her following) or by getting across fast for a timer bonus. Oh yes, it's always against the clock, so there's no dawdling allowed!

I learned quite a bit writing this, as I had to optimise things as much as possible to prevent some phones running out of memory, or running the game too slowly to be fun (there's a lot more going on in this game than, say, P-man). The most "obvious" way to write the game was not the quickest by a long way! There's a special version for the Nokia 7650, with larger, more detailed graphics - screenshot here.

Screen shot of IceBlox game on Nokia 6650 (concept phone)!

IceBlox for mobile phones!


Do you get the impression I spent most of my youth playing arcade machines? Funny that ;-) Anyway, here's another conversion of a Sega classic. IceBlox is a mzae game with a difference - you can smash the maze up and squash the pesky snowbees that are attacking you. The snowbees live in the ice blox, and to clear a level, you must squash them all! As you get busy slaughtering them more will emerge from the ice (you can smash blox with bees in them to kill the bee before it emerges). You can make big points by catching a bunch of bees at once behind a flying lump of ice, or by aligning the diamond blox, which will earn you a HUGE 10,000 point bonus, and stun the bees for a while!!

With each succesive level, the bees become smarter and angrier with you for wrecking their home. Although they start of as (fairly) harmless bouncing blobs, they grow battering hammers, and eventually legs which allow them to move faster. When they get really mad they will smash through the ice to get to you themselves!

This game features sound effects and music with Nokia phones, and will run (silently) on any Java enabled phone. With smaller screens, the game area will scroll around the player, keeping it playable! As with several other games, IceBlox has a high-score list, which can be synchronized online with the master server so all players can share the same list! All Nokia phones are supported, along with the Siemens java phones, and Motorola (game designed to fit exactly on a T720 screen).

It was another challenge getting this running well on some phones, especially the Nokia 7210, which is severely memory limited, but I got there in the end! There's a special version for the Nokia 7650, with larger, more detailed graphics - screenshot here.

This game will hopefully be distributed in Europe, so I can't offer it for download from this site at the present time...

Screen shot of Poink game on Motorola T720!

Poink for mobile phones!


Poink is the game of "global destruction" - the globes being the things you're going to be blowing up ;-) The aim of the game is to clear each level by catapulting balls over into the main cluster area. Once 3 or more of a single colour are touching they explode, which can trigger cool cascades as other balls fall, match and explode etc. There are also special items, such as solid granite blocks, morph globes that change to match the ball that hits them and glass blocks. Some globes are only partially activated until an explosion near them changes them into globes that can be smashed.

I think this is a seriously addictive game - with many of the latter levels requiring some planning ahead, otherwise the cascades can lead to impossible situations! Oh yes, after a few globes have been flung over, the platform holding the cluster will start to rise - adding a bit more pressure ;-)

The Nokia versions of the game all feature sound and full colour graphics. Please ensure you have the correct Nokia phone to play this game - it was specifically designed for certain models (shown in the sidebar to the right). The game will also run on any colour Java enabled phone with 128x128 or higher resolution display.

You can see the Nokia 7650 version of Poink, which has larger, more detailed graphics and digital sampled sound here.

This game will hopefully be distributed in Europe, so I can't offer it for download from this site at the present time...

Screen shot of Poink game on Motorola T720!

P-man 2 (multi-map) for mobile phones!


Simply put, this has better graphics, faster gameplay and 5 all-new levels (plus the original P-man maze)! P-man has been a very popular game, and I think this new version is the natural progression. It's not for everyone, as some like to play only the "classic" map, but I prefer the different levels and increased difficulty! All Nokia versions now include sound, and all Siemens phones are also now supported. As before, there is a special version for the Nokia 7650 that uses bigger graphics, and also has a little between-level animation - just for fun ;-)

The title screen now adapts to the phone, so for example the Motorola T720 looks like this, where as the smaller Nokia 6310i looks like this! You can also see screenshots from the Nokia 7210 and Siemens SL45i, as well as the larger version as it appears on the Nokia 7650!